Care Groups


Why a Care Group?

We believe that attending church on Sunday mornings is great, but is not enough. A home fellowship (care group) where believers and pre-Christian seekers meet during the week must be maintained.

Using the Bible to learn and study God’s word in greater depth, and experiencing the power of group prayer while enjoying closer friendships, is essential.

Care Group Goals:

1.To learn more about the word of God from the Bible. I Timothy 3:16

2.To experience the power of group prayer.  James 5:16

3.To form close friendships with other followers of Christ. Acts 2:42

4.To grow and eventually multiply and form other home fellowships.  Acts 2:47

5. To develop Shepherd leaders 1 Peter 3:15

Current Care Groups:

Thursday in Español:  6:30 - 7:30

Holding Hands